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Building a website and making it work for you is not the Field of Dreams. If you want to succeed with a website, people have to be able to find you. This is done in several ways, but most importantly through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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What do I know? Well, I’ve only been in the publishing industry for about five years. You will find that topratedessay.com has been specializing in editorial services for quite some time. In those five years, I’ve also started my own media, translation, and editorial services business. While working in publishing, I’ve edited, managed, and developed a number of K-12 products as well as higher ed custom products. Although I don’t have a TON of experience compared to some, I have enough experience to know that you can’t put together a first draft manuscript and expect it to become on the Bestseller’s list in a few months. It just doesn’t work that way.

It may take the editor and author weeks or even months to get the manuscript up to a level that would be ready for submitting to a publisher. In the meantime, you may step on each others toes every now and then. Having unrealistic expectations only serves to hinder this process. Also, like a mechanic who has to figure an estimated cost of repair based upon an diagnostic evaluation, the amount of labor involved while working with your manuscript could be extensive. Through the process of editing, the manuscript should be passed back and forth between the editor and the writer several times.

You have to be bold to make that kind of phone call. After all, you’re infringing on somebody else who might rightly perceive you as a competitor. I don’t necessarily recommend that other folks who might be considering freelance writing call me up or contact other topratedessay.com example english essay form 4 with your academic great success comes very soon writers they know.

Now we come to the whole idea of „optimization.“ There are billions of website pages. You are one website in a billion. How exactly do search engines find every website that is relevant to the search terms used? The short answer is that they use spiders or robots that crawl through the millions of sites and gather information about the websites and store it in an index for later retrieval.

First, they give the reader a place to rest his or her eyes. This is especially important for readers who are hurried or stressed. White margins also help the editor, who needs space for corrections. Double spacing between lines serves the same purpose. I have a graduate degree in art and think manuscripts look better when there is lots of white space.

When you are already decided about the type of venture you want, think of a name for your business. Make sure that it is unique, easy to remember, and professional. Of course, also make sure that it is significantly related to your business.

Koen: I really really like it. It’s about four months in the life of a young Louis XIV, months in which he had to decide if he would take on the most powerful man in France and months in which he fell in love….all of this based on actual history. And then, I threw in a boy in an iron mask and that became one of the forward thrusts of the novel. Always so fascinating as a writer, to look back and see what makes your book go. I found Louis at this age fascinating, a true hero.

Bradley Harris will be the guest speaker for Bartlett Christian Writers on March 12, 2011. He will give a presentation titled: Get ready to publish that work! An introduction to the editorial arts. If you are interested in attending, the meeting is from 9-12 at New Hope Christian Church, 3300 Kirby Whitten Rd., Bartlett, TN. – for more information, feel free to email.


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